Monday, February 16, 2009

Meet my mama.

So I stole this from Summers blog...And Loved it. Love love loved it. So I really should be typing some papers while here at work..but I'm not. Instead I am reading people's blogs and happy that Tanner and Amanda finally started adding to theirs. So back to my mama. Everyone always assumes that she is just this very organized controlled and happy hunky dorey lady. Well...she's not. She's not at all. Neither is my dad for that matter. They both are spontaneous, go with the flow, okay lets do that kinda people. They have to be. They have to be or they will crumble up and die of exhaustion from trying to be organized. Wow you should see what my mom calls her diaper bag. It has everything from oregano oil to full apples. Probably like 5 apples. She really is an incredible mother. Gosh I could say that a million times over, but it wouldn't really sink until you met her and realized her humor. Just a few quotes from her lately.
Um Mom, what are you going to do when Ammon hits puberty?-Landon (Ammon is my Autistic brother to read more about him and his adventurous life CLICK HERE)
I hope the second coming comes before that happens-Mom

Mom where are my socks?-Shad

Okay, so that last one has happened a million times, sorry to single you out Shad. But I guess from this post, know my mama is the best. And i'm sure all of you think your mama is the best.
You are wrong.

Oh my Vday post is coming next :)

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