Wednesday, April 29, 2009


K K...I know I already posted today, but something wonderful happened. Yes. Its true. So when I was a senior in high school the teachers told us we all had Senioritis. Which is like a disease, get it, Senior-itis. Anyway. Here is a senior picture of mine. And I was a Senior, and not getting married.

So today something remarkable happened.
Gosh thats little, but if you see here there are a few important aspects to note. Number one aspect, yes I am playing Mafia Wars on Facebook. You should add me as your friend, then add me as your Mafia kahooter. So we can be in kahoots together. Next thing to note. You see under Academic Planning (this is on BYU's website) you see my name. Brittany H, roll your eyes over to the right where you see 08, March 1988. See when I was a senior in High school I had some issues filling out when my birthdate is. Really iTs 03 August 1988. I confused the month and date. Which is an easy mistake. Right? Well then you see that I am female. Then you see....


So I have Senioritis. I will have it ALL year long!

And Im a Senior, and getting married. "Hey Brittany when did you get married?"-Random person that sees me and doesn't know me very well, but knows me enough to ask me this. "When I Was a Senior in COLLEGE"-Brittany

Wahoo for me. One more year to go.

Oh and the best part about it is..I can still fit into those pants I was wearing up there in the Senior in high school picture. Even though some stuff hangs over and Im a bit softer.....Its okay though.

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