Friday, March 26, 2010

Concert of a Lifetime

Brad, Aaron, and Aj came and performed at my school today.

They performed all sorts of different songs..

Format, She Doesn't Get It

Country Road .. John Denver

Bubble Toes by Jack Johnson combined with Bob Marley Stir it up..

But when Taylor Swift You Belong With Me began....

There were screams and swaying to the music, and boys and girls were singing every single word.

It was amazing.

I got the chills even.

Aaron was incredible on the drums and spoons.

Brad played the electric guitar except Country Road, and Taylor Swift, in which he sang his heart out.

Gosh I love him.

Aj sang the rest of the time.

I gotta get the footage from Brooke, then I'll woooooooo you.

I made it through my first week of Lead teaching in Student Teaching. I made it, and now I just have ONE week left, ONE observation left!! Can you even believe it? I am done after that. Minus the sailing class and Stats class I will be taking. Done done done. It has been one of the hardest things I have ever done. Being in someone else's classroom and trying to fit in, in so many different ways. The epitome of difficult. The epitome of fear. The epitome of love at first sight when those kids see you.

Now they are even more in love with me, because I just had a concert. All for them.

We even wrote them a song.

Here are some quotes I heard while they were performing.

"They are so hot!"-Girl, obviously in love.

"These guys are AWESOME!!!!"-Boy as he stood and did I love you in sign language with both hands.

"Oh my gosh, they are the Jonas Brothers!!" -Girl telling her screaming friend.

"Please have them come everyday."

Afterwords, the 'band' was talking to each other....talking about how their audience loved them so much!!!

I was like, "EASY guys, don't get too excited, they were only 8 years old...of course they loved you."

No but in all honesty, they played so well, for Aaron just meeting Aj minutes before performing, and Aj and Brad totaling about 2 hours of practice time. I think they would make a great band. But I am biased as Aaron is my brother in law, and Aj is my husband's best friend....but still I think they did a remarkable job and I never want to forget it in my entire life. It was nerve racking to combine my worlds of Brad and Family with School and Kids, but I want to do it again sometime. I know it is something my children will be talking about until I leave. School of Rock style....should I start a class band? I know I've got some singers due to the belting that occurs in the morning when the National Anthem comes on the loud speaker.

P.S. I have some more exciting news for you.

But I'll wait for that. It's information you can't handle.

PPS If you want to see a clip of Brad playing when he was my ya go!

Click here to rock out.

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Anna and Dante Valenzuela said...

hahaha that sounds like so much fun, and i love all of the quotes from the kids! It made me laugh. Also what is your suprise????? You better be posting that soon... or just tell me when i see you tomorrow at our game, ha!