Monday, May 17, 2010


It's my mother in law's birthday today. 

She is 54.

That's 54 years she's been around.


She was an amazing mother.

She is the reason my husband is normal :) in his crazy life.

Sometimes when we are on the topic I just shake my head and say, "Why are you so nice to me after everything you have been through?"

He shrugs and says, "I don't know, pass me the milk."

He doesn't get into it, the deepness of it. The pain he went through, he just says it is what it is.

But really I know it was Rachelle that helped him be normal.

By normal I mean so kind, friendly, respectful, caring and loving.

She took care of him when nobody was there. And I owe her everything because, she raised my husband.
He is good to me.

Except yesterday. Yesterday something happened. He was playing the guitar. Typical Guitar Man. And he needed to be tickled. So I was tickling him on his legs while he was playing guitar. He said to me, STOP RIGHT NOW!" I thought it was really funny so I kept tickling him. He grabbed my hands and said, "STOP!" I thought it was really really funny, so I waited a little bit longer, then I tickled him more than I had the times before. I was kneeling down on the ground and he was sitting on the couch. Then he flipped out and his guitar flew into my face. The capo hit me right in the eye. Quite hard. This dropped me to the ground and I tried so hard not to cry. Brad said, "Oh my gosh, no don't be hurt." 

Then he came and put his head down by me. "Im so so so so sorry, are you okay?"-Brad
My eye-Brit
Oh my gosh, she broke her c5 and she's pregnant-Chels (talking about the tv show, shows how much she cared)
I feel so bad-Brad
Lump on my eye-Brit
Ice pack for Brit-Brad
So Brad learned a lesson. Don't play guitar when I need to tickle him.

Thanks Brad's mom for being such a great mom and Happy 54th!

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