Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Holy Smokers!! Are you FOr real!!

Did you know that most decent cards at the grocery store cost like $2.50?
Well guess freakin what!?!?!!?

My homemade, touched with love cards...are all below $2.00!!!!!

"Brittany shut up, you cant even make them for that much!!"-Random observer

"I know!! But I want to sell them quick!! At a low cost to all of you!!"-Brittany

So look at my etsy shop, and buy a card, or tell me that you want an order of 10 cards for 5 bucks. I'll do it, Ill do anything for you.

So click here to check out how freakin cheap my cards are. And if I know you, I'll mail them to you for free, and throw in another bonus card, oh my gosh. thats like 2 cards for one dollar. Yes you heard me. Get those cards off of my etsy shop. Now!

Love you.

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Scott Dodds said...

Of course you could drop off a resume! I would do it before Friday...that's our last day and it's only from 8:45-10:15 in the morning. And also I feel like we need to get together again.
p.s. this is karissa