Friday, May 21, 2010

Time to Date

When I thought about who I was going to marry... I didn't know he would have brown hair. Nor did I think he would have freckles. Freckles like this on his arm.
I didn't think he would be able to drive for hours on end...Like he has done so many times.
I didn't know he would be so smart. Being so good at doing what he does. And sometimes I think to he is going to be a surgeon someday. That's crazy.

I'm already at my final phase in life. A teacher. 4 years and Bam I'm a teacher. But I don't feel ready. We both are going to be having people's lives in our hands. Just in different ways...

It's wierd to know that we married each other.. Did we know we were going to get married in 2009? Do we know where we will be in 2029?
Does Brad know what I am getting him for his birthday?
I sure hope not.
Do I have an incredible stoned face? Yes, yes I do.
Brad and I date a lot.

Like the other night we went to Macey's in the rain and bought ice cream and watched the season finale of our favorite show...Law and Order SVU.

And then one night we laid on the couch while Brad studied...thats a date right?

Lately I I'm kinda in a daze.

I want a job, I need a job, but lack motivation to go to all these schools and beg for a job.

But, deep down I know I'll find a job.

I just want it to be in Kindergarten.

I know they need me, and gosh I need them.
As for now, we are having a date night at our house. We are going to be roasting marshmellows, hotdogs and then playing games. Brad will probably play an incredible solo on his E. Guitar. Ya right! He doesn't play in public unless I force him!


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Karissa and Scott said...

So I'm not entirely sure what's happening next year other than that I am a kindergarten teacher and I am leaving and they don't have another teacher yet. I don't know if they're waiting to see how many kids enroll or what. But, it's an amazing school with the best people to work with. So, who knows. Maybe you could be the one to take my job.