Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I live...

This is our front room. Yes, we have a normal front room. Brad said we could move his amp and electric into the spare bedroom, but I said, "NO! Its who you are!" IT has to be in the front room.
Everybody has one or two guitars laying around. Just you know, just in case we need to play at any given moment. Oh I gotta take out the garbage, WAIT! I gotta play my guitar! Isn't that zebra the cutest thing ever!!
The best part is this...Yes this plant!! It lives!!!!! You see, it was dying and Brooke told me her tenants at her condo said to her, "Get this ugly dying plant outta here." So I said, "I will take it, I can take it on and save it." Well it lived in my hole in the wall with Brad, and everyone doubted its ability. Everyone. Then it began to sprout green again. And I fed it miracle grow. And now we have made it this far. Well, then we moved it to Brad's mom's house and there may have been a miscommunication (I'm not going to point fingers) but somebody left it outside all night in the freezing cold, and hello its a tropic plant! So we are back in the saving stage. Sally also told me that plants get traumatized when moved....well the poor little thing got traumatized. So now its home, lets see if we can keep it alive. But seriously, I love the love sac. Its the best. And windows!! Oh my gosh windows!
Look it how cute this kitchen is! So much cuter than my moldy previous kitchen. I have cupboards! I have counter space! I have drawers!! Dishwasher!!!
Washer and dryer!!! With beautiful natural light flowing in above!! Wow!! 
And this is our spare bedroom, currently.....a disaster....I may have to come back to you on that one :)
And this is our bedroom, I never make the bed, neither does Brad, its like a special occasion when one of us does and we hug and say "GOOD JOB!!!"

OH MY GOSH I HAVE A TUB!!!!!!! And a toliet of course.
We bought a king bed (best decision ever) and we still dont have a bed frame.....so we are on the floor...but we like it. It works. So...obviously we are still in transition, still working on those silly bedrooms. :) 

But its where we live and we love it!!! 
It feels nice to be able to say, "Come in!!" and not begin the apologizing. Oh sorry its so cluttery and moldy. Now I can say, "Look at this, oh and look at this!!" I love it!!!


Natalie Jane said...

It looks so amazing and spacious and bright and happy! I'm so happy for you. :)

Kristie said...

Well we want to come see your place and listen to Brad on the guitar:)