Monday, May 10, 2010

House, Couch, Milk, Caterpillar, Beautiful

As mother's day passes I think of my mom.
And my mother in law.
Both shining examples of what a woman should be and aspire to be.

Enough of that boring stuff though..

I have a new house!

I don't have this couch anymore...

It gave us some fun times.
But don't worry will still have the guitar, and 2 electrics and a bass, which I call a bass like a bass fish.

Cuz now that we have room in our new house, we can keep all of Brad's guitars, and amp, so he plays his electric guitar frequently now, I would say more than his acoustic.

I only had one person tell me my apartment was cute my entire year of living there. And it was my visiting teacher. Of course she would, she is trying to make my life better.

It was not cute.

It had lots of spiders like this one...can you spy the spider?

This was actually taken with my mobile phone. Sent to Brad with the message...."I HATE IT HERE"

I actually thought the cupboard was the fridge one day. I went around saying to Brad, WHERE IS THE MILK!!?!?!?!? 

Then we searched and searched and found it here.... in the cupboard.

Isn't this the most beautiful thing ever? Found in Midway Utah.

I thought you needed something beautiful after all the ugliness of my apartment :)

Did you know there was mold everywhere. I cleaned and disinfected everyday and somehow my plates got mold, my sink got mold, my shower ceiling got mold, my shower got mold, my fridge got mold, my food got mold. I couldn't avoid it, it was too musty and dirty there.

But now we have we can have a baby...

In a few years.

And I hope that baby is a mix of us.

We have a yard now too, and my dad came and fertilized it. Its going to look beautiful soon. I also am starting a garden. It should be beautiful.

Beautiful seems to be my word here, I'm adding it to my blog title.

I made a roast for Mother's Day. And mashed potatoes and gravy all from scratch, my mom taught me that.

Then Brad made cookies, and his mom and Chelsea and I kept saying, "Wow you really know how to do it!" We were impressed at the crunchy but softness of his cookies. Man of many talents.

Stay tuned for garden, house, guitars, and spider I found under the hose.

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