Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Taken a rest.

Is it weird that I went from busy busy busy busy busy busy to cleaning my house and cooking dinner and having no schedule. I love this life of laziness and accomplishing things that really need to be done. But I just kinda feel that I am NOT accomplishing anything..but I have to remind myself that I am! Organizing disaster room, filing all of our bills and documents that I just stack then they get piled up to a disaster level. It feels nice to do these things. Phewph.

We went golfing this morning, Brad got me new golf shoes, and we are working on clubs. I am getting so much better! I love to golf. I have to go with other people besides Brad or I get too mad at him for trying to help me.

Then I was so so tired so I came home and slept! When is the last time I took a nap at 2 in the PM! Years ago! Brad always books the weekend with busy fun stuff so I don't nap on those days! I love naps. Brad says they make him fill groggy and wasteful, they make me feel cozy and happy.

Then we went to the gym. I bought loads of produce at BUY LOW then went to check out and my total was 12.00! Love it! 4 pounds of oranges for 1.00, cant beat that. It used to be 8 pounds for one dolla, but 4 is still awesome.

Now that you have a recap of my lazy fun summer. I hope yours is just as enjoyable. :)

Check out my cute sister and her cute family!
She just got her family pictures and I love them! It is on the header of her blog.
She lives in AZ and her husband is a dentist, and she has four adorable girls whom I love to hang out with. Maddie, Molly, Halle, Hazel

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