Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Stink in my face.

So this guy is making our baby wrap logo, and he stinked. That is how I talk. Deal with it.
We pay him and he was terrible. Tosha made some cute ones for us, but Chelsea's (Sis in law) husband insisted we do it professional. Well we told him we hated them, then he has to re-do them. So he will.

I would show them but.... they are too ugly.

Tonight I made a masterpiece.

I freakin love campbells soup recipes. You think they would be terrible but they aren't. I got this for a wedding/shower present. I don't remember who gave it to me. So if you did. Thank you again. So if you love easy cooking, and have lots of leftover stuff. Buy this on AMAZON for .01 cent plus 3.99 shipping.


It's like a pita pizza. I was trying to figure out the calories and I was right around 390, then Brad said,
"BRIT, who cares its healthy okay!?"
Alright Brad ee bear! I get it. You want to think you are just eating unhealthy, and eating a pizza.
Not a pita with onions, peppers, artichoke hearts, pepperjack jalapeno cheese, shredded carrots! Thats right!, chicken and cream of mushroom soup with some other random spices!!!

Delicious in my mouth.

The fresh tomatoes on top are Brad and Sally's. Really if you need a new cookbook. I love this one.

My next post will be about this.

Where did we go? What did we see? Who did we see? All the details to come later.
We saw many famous people.
It is not Park City.
It is not Idaho.
It is not Canada.
It is not Mexico.
It is not Utah!!!!
Believe it! We took a road trip. I ate too many packages of sour gummy worms and licorice and jerky.
Hence why the scale broke today at the gym.

Stay tuned!!!

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