Sunday, June 12, 2011

So much stuff

Chels and I got into swiss days with our baby wraps....
Good and bad.
Good because we can make lots of money.
Bad because its tons of work and Chel is in Africa.
But I think I am going to make my last big fabric purchase tomorrow.
I'll keep you posted on when Swiss days is, and how you can come visit me, Brooke, Tosha, and SUMMER at Swiss Days.
Why did I sign up for this?
I guess to have fun fun fun!
Faith called me today. She turns four on Wednesday.
She said, "Brittany I want to come to your house."

Me, "Oh really?"
Faith, "Yes."
Me, "Why don't you like your house."
Faith, "No, I like it but Dad is mad at me because I scream."
Me, "Well are you going to scream at my house?"
Faith, "Long pause....well yes!"
Me, "Well I don't like screaming."
Faith, "Okay I wont, now will you just tend me?"
Me, "Okay I can tend you!"
So now she is watching Finding Nemo, Brad went to do research and its 11:48 PM and we are still awake.

At what point will she fall asleep?
Her birthday is on Wednesday.
I asked her what she wanted to do. Ice cream? New clothes? Bowling?
She doesn't understand what my point is in doing these things on her birthday.
Country girl I guess.
Medical School Status
We filled out tons of secondary applications.
Watched our savings account drain a little more.
Wrote some more essays, lost them due to computer programs, then wrote them again.
Watched Dallas score a victory! Yay!

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