Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Party all over the place.

Faith is my little sister. She is number 16. Today was Faith's birthday. She turned four. How would it be to be four? She has been at my house since Sunday night (Brooke has taken her Mon and Tues night but now I have her crashed on my love sac after this tough day). I went to get her pictures taken at JCPENNY. Never go there unless you have a coupon and still want to spend a million. Seriously. But they turned out adorable. And a cd cost 149.99. So I just print screened these from the online album. Illegal? Ya, but I don't care at this point.

 This was a camera phone sneak in :)

 If you have never taken a screen shot before. This is it. Then you crop it :) Screw 149.00.
These are just a few out of the 27 pictures. All of them were too cute to be true!!!!

We had a little surprise party. She crawled in because she was grumpy and shy. Brooke got cupcakes from sweet tooth fairy.

Overall it was a successful birthday :)

She did scream at me in the morning, "STOP SAYING ITS MY BIRTHDAY I DON'T WANT A BIRTHDAY!!!!!"

Okay. I just took it away.

(Note for all you mothers)
I sent my mom the link to look at the images. My mom has watched 16 grow up. This is her baby. She said she sobbed and sobbed over the pictures. Realizing that she is grown up. I think we should just video their lives, then we will never miss anything. No, just try to enjoy the moment. Because my mom is going through a tough time watchin her last one become four :)

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The Lucky One said...

I cannot believe she is already 4!! That is crazy! These pictures are adorable too! love love the update on Faith!