Monday, June 6, 2011

Birthday Boy Bradley

You are wondering what he got for his birthday. 
It was hard for him to guess since it said Baseball all over it.

And he picked it out. And on the bottom of the box it said GLOVE.

 See, the story is....I got him a glove for his 22nd birthday. Turns out only the palm was leather, and he pretended to like it for 2 years...He made excuses though "It's too small, I like my old one" and etc.
So he wanted one that was all leather... So this one wasn't a surprise. So I picked him out some other things.

That was a surprise.

He liked the in car air compressor, that can air up tires, balls, pool tools etc. 

 Then I got him swim shorts! They are his favorite color. And have cute sharks on them.
He was such a happy boy with his new mitt. We went and played right away. Then we went later with Sally and Greg, then he went again later with his friends.

Remi got him something she picked out herself. Brad was so good at being happy.

Toy kitchen stuff!! Yes!! Just what I wanted!!! Some ABC blocks!
Tosha took back the rolling pin and left me the drumstick!

Ashtyn loved the Hammock.

I have been telling Brad, 24 is old Brad. It's like the age when you have to be more responsible.

I got him Coldstone cookie dough cake.

We couldn't get enough of it.

This is him contemplating his memorable birthday.

Happy Birthday Brad!!

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