Thursday, July 31, 2008

Day two. Meet Lad.

Does the skin tone, and facial expression make you want to rub your skin against his? The color of his eyes makes you squirm, tell me it does.

Before the puking in the bar. This was a quick shot, lucky me he darted his face away in anger right after I snapped it.

After the puking. Sucker helped.

Star Wars shirt just had come untucked and he was M....A ... D... (Im mad at you Brit!-Laddy Lad)

Oh Laddy Ladd Lad. I do not believe anyone understands the controversy of Lad. So let's start from the beginning. (Understand that many details are being left out because of the violence and anger content in this controversy of Lad.) He was named Matthew Lad Hansen. That's his official name. Okay So at first we just called him 'baby'. Thats what happens to the youngest in our family, until a new one comes. Lad was stuck with 'baby' for about 3 years. So it stuck. Anyway, when Faith came along (previous post) we had to settle what his name would be. Let's just say it was quite a fight. Sally preferred Lad. I preferred the whole thing, Matthew Lad. It was was classically different. Anyway, I could tell you what each specific kid desired the poor 'baby' to be called. But..that would get boring. So basically we had to decide. If anyone called him Matthew we would have a series of voices yell directing at that person, "DONT CALL HIM THAT". Then when people would call him Lad, Lad himself would say, "NO its baby LAD". So the phases have folded and now his name is Lad. I desire to continue to call him Matthew Lad, and even an occasional baby slips out, which he firmly corrects me that baby is no longer his name. Its Lad. So what does Lad do all day? He plays. He plays in the dirt he plays with Ian, he plays with Faith, he begs for a sandwich with peanut butter and jelly. He takes one bite of it and he is done. He does a lot. Good luck trying to catch him. I recently bought he and Ian Power ranger jammies. Those didnt come off until a few days later on Sunday when Mom made them take a bath. My mom probably hid them too so that they wouldnt wear them all day everyday. So Mr. Lad has been really sick lately and we were at a parade last weekend and he said to me, Brit I didnt get any candy. I said, "Lad you missed half the parade throwing up in that run down bar behind us." He said, "I just want some candy." So me, being the thoughtful kind loving sister that I am, rounded up him some pockets of candy and bought him a snowcone. (This was not a mistake although we did see it again after he ate it). And another quick story if you are still with me. Dad and I were going to go preg check cows on June 14 08, (four wheeler pic) and we were getting on the 4-wheeler getting ready to head over and Lad was jumpin on the tramp. (short for TrampOLINE, duh) So he said, I wanna go! I kinda had the older sibling syndrome, like oh come on does he have to..then the matOUR part of me was like, alright go get your shoes on, which i knew was going to take some time. He was hesitant to go inside (probably from previous devestating experiences of people leaving him) so he put both his hands out and said, dont leave okay. My dad said, we wont leave, hurry go get your shoes. Right when he got to teh door, my dad started the 4w, and Lad turned around and kinda screamed and ran towards us (fearing our departure) Dad, obviously trying to drive Lad Mad (rhyme was not purposeful, although clever on my part)let lad get back to the door then he reved(sp) the engine. Lad did the same thing with a petrified look on his perfect little face. I hit my dad, and said dad stop he really wants to come. SO Lad went inside in a rush and Dad drove away from the view of Lad for when he came out the door. I was like, Dad he is going to freak, he really wants to go." So Lad came out the door in a scramble with his shoes untied but when he saw that we were gone his shoulders dropped and he started to cry, not scream just a soft cry, then he stopped and dropped to the ground and began to sob. Kicking off his shoes, like he expected us to leave. Then dad drove around to him and he quickly wiped his tears and jumped up. He said, "I thought you left me!" He kinda grunted when dad told him he was teasing him. Thanks for listening to that story. It was probably not as good as Being there. THat always happens when I tell stories. Does it stop me from telling. No, not really.
People ask him who his favorite sister is (not me, Im not a person) and he ducks down his head in shyness and falls toward the nearest person and says, I dunno and smiles, then we tickle him until he says our name. He is to die for cute. If my mom has another Lad, I would not complain. I might even adopt him and raise him on my own. Just kidding, dont freak out.

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Karissa & Scott said...

Okay, I didn't read the whole thing about Lad, but I did read about the cow baby. And britt, basically you are the essence of cool. And I miss you.

love me :-)