Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Today is the day.

So today I decided that after that man looked at me a little bit creepy while I was driving I need to go get my A/C in my car looked at. He probably was just wondering why I was trying to take off my shirt while driving. Little did he know that my belly button was filled with salty liquid, and there was itching occuring on my backside because of that drip of sweat trickling down my backbone. So if I take off my shirt, and just ride in my tank top that is under my shirt, its a lot nicer. But he probably didn't know I had a tank top on. He just stared me down like I was a .....you know. And then I waited till he passed me to finalize the cooling down process. Maybe I just am waiting for it to get colder. Then I wont have to worry about an A/C. And people won't look at me funny if I am putting clothes ON while driving. Maybe I should invest in a spray fan.

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