Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Put your boots on.

This is what I did when I was little. Burley Idaho. Here there was only one calf with money on it. At Burley there were hundreds of children and calves. Thats probably why my calf muscles are so HUGeo. Because of this.

This is Morgan Heaton, my cousin on my Mother's side. Bareback rider. He is crasey.
This was my cup of strawberries. Yum. Yum Yum Yum.
Brooke, Morgan and I after the rodeo of strawberries.
Brooke and I
Travis Hansen and Emily.

Strawberry Days. We went to a rodeo. We saw Travis Hansen our cousin there!! What?? Morgan Heaton, Cousin on the other side was in the rodeo. It sure was fun :) I almost got a mullet afterwards. Seriously.


Lisa said...

Fun, fun, fun! thos strawberries look yummy! I haven't seen Morgan ride for a few months now. How did he do? since I joined this family I have seen a bit too much rodeo for my tastes. I like to watch Morgan now, but I get board with a lot of the rest of it.

Oh yeah, I would love to have copies of those pictures you took at the reunion. My email is and I added gchat if you want to add me.

Jrice8002003 said...

alright, so you're gonna love this. with a little internet sleuthing, i figured out that you were the cha-cha guide that answered the question i asked today:

What is the world record for the longest turd?

haha, that (and this) had to have made your day. am i right??? reply on here or email:

or facebook:

talk to you soon! haha

Brittany said...

thanks for disclosing that I am guide. Thanks for disclosing that I had to answer that disgusting question. :) HA but it was one that I tell my friends about.