Tuesday, July 29, 2008

what does your room look like?

Everyone needs two laundry baskets. One for clean. One for dirty. Everyone needs more shoes than they can handle. Forget my post about simple living. Kidding. Dont.

For some reason I cannot be rid of post it notes. They consume me. ALl over my computer at work, all over my desk at work, at home, at play. Consumption of post its.

my bed gets cleared off every night. I would say that 'Grovey' my infamous blue pillow sleeps with me every nap and night. We have been through A lot together. Kudos to Becca for giving me that b-day present two years ago on Sunday the third of August 2008.

who can go wrong with a mirror, ipod speaker, and a knight in shining armor. thats all a girl needs right. Looks, music and love. Agree with me. Hurry agree. Okay every girl is different and really all I need is love. Lets be COMPLeteLY honest here.

So a possiblity of being a perfectionist on my part is low. As Hannah, Sally, and Brooke will love to tell you. I try to be clean, and I would say that I am relatively a clean person. But I dont make everything perfect. Anyway...I clean my room spotless (with visable clutter) at least once or twice a week. But for the majority it looks like this.

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