Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Just to do it.

I can post just to post right? Nothing new or exciting has to happen for me to post right? I decided to break down my week. My friend Aaron got a new dog. So I thought I would get a pet. But I thought if I got this pet then I would have to give it to Brooke so she could accept it and let me keep it. This pet is very quiet. I named her Sophie. She is beautiful. Don't you worry she stays clean and I give her drinks and food regularly and she won't say a peep. Only in my mind. In my mind she talks back to me. I think she prefers Brooke though. I don't know why. Maybe she knows Brooke has never killed a plant in her LIFE. Whereas I have killed two. Same plant. Brooke resurrected it after I killed it. Then I killed it again. But Sophie is scared that I will kill her too. But I won't. And Brooke won't let her die. Brooke will take her on road trips in a room temperature cooler if she has to. By golly Sophie will not be killed. If you are considering a pet. Consider a plant. And talk to it. It makes a great pet. And doesn't poop. Ever. Nor does it bark. Am I going crazy because I call my plant that I gave Brooke a pet, and named her Sophie? No I went crazy roughly seven weeks ago, and rather like my crazy side. By the way. Sophie is wilting. What is wrong with her?

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Brooke said...

I love how you pen your thoughts to the same cadence as they most likely appear in your perfectly unique and extraordinarily original mind.
I love you!