Monday, July 28, 2008

Fourth of July. In all its Glory.

If I could name my favorite thing about the fourth of july I would say it would be a red skirt with fireworks. And watermelon.

THis was a very good float at the parade. I loved it.

Back of truck on the way to see Miley. Seven things I hate about you.

They brought this huge white banner over our heads. Frightening and exciting time in the Stadium of Fire. (from now on I will call the Stadium of Fire SOF. :)

After the flag was over our heads we saw this on the field. Quite a surprise.

I can't wait to shake a soldier's hand. For reals.

These girls/boys filled the field. She was a bit outta place..lets be truthful here.

this is miley. I was a bit disappointed with her performance. But she def. knows how to shake her hair like a rock star.

Spotting these Miley impersonators was the best moment of my life. Okay not really.

I looked up and saw balls coming at me at a very fast pace.

The balls then turned into flying men who then landed on the field.
Parade in the morning. Work in the afternoon. Miley at night. Rush Canyon the next day. Birthday party for Echo and Maddie the next day. Man after this one could sleep
the next couple of days. AND I DID.

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tosha said...

Brit your writing style is so entertaining! You should write a book!