Tuesday, July 15, 2008


So now its 29 days away. Some people like to ask me..Are you scared? I always reply with, "Oh I'm scared to be alone, I'm scared I'll miss my family, but I'm not scared of going there and experiencing such wonderful things." Well that was before the nightmare. I am bleeding down my head and running through this really dark alley. I can't see details, but I can see that nobody is around but the dark figure behind me. My backpack feels tight against my back, but I start to be unable to run. I see a bus far off so I keep running. Then I reach for the bus door to get on this bus, all the while trying to stay away from anyone trying to steal my backpack. I am thrown to the dirt right before I reach the bus. My body all the sudden hurts everywhere (this partially had to do with me being so sore from my powderpuff football game). This figure stratled over me is breathing so hard and speaking a foreign language, not Spanish. He takes a knife and goes to slash my upper chest. Then I sit up. I look at my clock. 3AM. It wasn't quite real. But now when people ask me if I am scared. I look at them and I say, "Yes".
Notes: Mom don't freak out. Its just a nightmare. Im still going.
I wonder if anyone still wants to give me things to go. I am still accepting, because I still have room. I will be 20 and so mature before I go, so thats good. I think I need to start pronouncing mature as Matour in order to be successfully mature.

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