Saturday, August 2, 2008

Meet the siblings. Day four. Meet Ammon.

If you don't think he is handsome..something is wrong with you.
Tickling him while taking a picture. Talent.
Just smile upon the beauty of this picture.
I thought I would give you the process of trying to get the three previous pictures. This is his daily get up. White undies. Skinny legs.

Ammon Heaton. So Heaton is my mother's maiden name..and thats a cool story. We weren't sure what his middle name was going to be but in Ammon's baby dad just named him this..It felt good and right. So let's start from the beginning with Ammon. Oh the beginning. I still remember the day I came home from school and there he was in a carseat next to the piano. My new baby brother. (I am giving you my story, and I'm pretty sure everyone of us has our own.) I nurtured this little baby until he could fend for himself in our house (which is not a padded statement, normally I carry around a small shocker for incidents to protect myself from rabid siblings) Although he was such a beautiful baby something seemed a little off. He would laugh at nothing, like seriously nothing, and he would not make eye contact with you. He would line things up in perfect order and FREAK out if anybody messed them up. So I think it was around 1 and 1/2 that he was diagnosed (if you can even call it diagnosed) with Autism. So let's have everybody in our family compose a book called 'dealing with Ammon and his autism'. No because we dont have time to write about it. Seriously we don't. So now at 8 years old...what a party he is. He doesn't talk unless prompted too, and when he does talk on his own we are SOO excited. But he talks robotic like, with no feeling. Let me give you a couple of stories:
-Bath tub. Flooded. Numerous times by Ammon. Re-carpeted, new lighting, new ceiling. Twice, or maybe three times. Lost track. But I do remember one time I was doing laundry on the (1st floor) and water started coming out of the light fixtures. 'OH SH**' my mom said and darted up the stairs faster than any child could have done. The tub is on the 3rd floor. Ya. Scary stuff.
-Make up. Where to start. Squirted out my whole Mary Kay foundation bottle on my brush, then brushed his hair. Mess.
-Toothpaste. One incident he squirted toothpaste all over my mirror, countertop, sink, himself, and then cut up the tube in hundreds of pieces. Why weren't we watching him for hours?
Okay so those are MY stories. Every kid probably has at least 10 stories of things he did to their stuff.
HA! We do love it for stories though. I cant wait until he can just tell me how he felt doing all those things.
Somethings you need to know about Ammon:
He loves my dad. He loves kisses. He loves his back tickled. He loves you, but he will claw and bite and hit you. He likes riding the fourwheeler. He is fearless. Hence his climbing out windows and getting onto the roof. Scary. He will run up to your horse like it is not a horse and try to touch it and scare you half to death.
So maybe I could write a book about Ammon. List of things to do before die. Meet Ammon.

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