Friday, November 13, 2009

My head.

Last night was Brad's flag football game. In the rain. He made the awesomest touchdown ever. He ran it in from like the 40 yd line. He may or may not tell me Im lying, but seriously it was a long run where the guy missed his flag and the game was so close, and I was so happy. Ahhhh I was so happy. I stood under the umbrella with my friend Heather who became my friend because she is a gem and is dating Brad's friend. I hope they get married, so we can be friends forever. Anyway, we have been friends for awhile, because we kinda just clicked when we met. We are doing a lesson on friends for our lesson plan whatever thingy, and I thought of Heather when I thought of what a friend is.

I made a list of the things Heather or a friend does.

Now I have been thinking about this a lot.

Friends really listen when you are talking, like really, they look at you, make expressions to go with your comments, and make comments about what you are saying, not their own personal experiences.

Friends tell you that you look good, and tell you its okay if you say, I look like crap, then they say, Oh no you don't I think you look fine!

Friends share blankets, and umbrellas, and last pieces of gum.

Friends cook you meals when you are over at their house.

Friends throw parties and don't charge you.

Brad don't get mad at me for that one. Please oh please.

Friends come to your bridal shower.

Friends come to your receptions.

Friends listen to you.

Oh wait I already put that one.

Friends share their worries, concerns, and stories with you.

Friends have you on speed dial.

Friends have you in their phone book.

Friends have you on facebook, and comment on your pictures and status.

Enough of the friend list.

I have so much in my head, and sometimes its good to just get some of it out so my headache will go away.

Most importantly, Heather has been my friend for awhile and she is throwing a bday party for her boyfriend at her parents house. Brad told me about it last night.

I said, oh ya lets totally go Im excited! Then he said, ya you can see all of Greg Olsen's paintings.

I said, oh do they have lots in their house.

He said, ya lots of orginals.

I said, oh thats so cool, do they know him.

He looked at me and laughed.

He said, Heather's dad is Greg Olsen.

I said, Brad, Greg Olsen is like.....the awesomest painter. Everybody in the church knows him.

He said, I know.


He said, I thought you knew.

I said, When I was little my grandma would have me look at Greg Olsen's paintings so I could be a better painter.

He said, I know.

I was like.....Greg Olsen to me is like Babe Ruth to you.

He said, I know.

I told Heather this story and she laughed.

She said, I'll show you his studio.

Then I said, You are my best friend ever.

Well maybe not, that would scare her off, and make her think im only her friend because her dad is Greg Olsen.

She is the cutest ever.

I think we all have seen this one.

So tonight I will be ultra happy and try to contain myself while I am standing in his studio.

I hope Heather doesn't read this. She will think I am a creepy creep.

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Lisa said...

Hey Brittany, I have so secretly been reading your blog and I love it. :) Now I just had to write cause I thought it was way cool when I got to know Greg Olsen's son at BYU-Idaho. I was shocked too, don't worry. It's really cool. Have a good weekend!