Thursday, November 5, 2009

I Participated

I had something to do with Halloween.

We went to this little party Brad's friends put on.

I guess thats bad to say, Brad's friends......

Our friends?


Thing One and Thing Two were there. They were nice. And Thing 1 is Brad's best friend.

Brad loved Dr. Seuss. Lie. Aj, the real life person dressed up as Thing 1, is Brad's best friend.
Scott could also make the qualification for Brad's best friend. Rebbie, his date, was white trash, and obviously Pregnant. Very pregnant. They tried to make an announcement for me that I was pregnant. I could have proved them wrong real fast with details of terrible cramps causing me to miss class, but thats grossy girl stuff and I decided to just smile and laugh and say..ya...
Brad made his own costume. I was way impressed. I didn't think it was going to be that awesome. His tight spandex made me want to keep touching his legs, but thats just my mom making me do that. She always rubs fabric that soft and silky. My grandma said she did it when she was little too. So....hereditary, or acquired from example. Either one. In this picture we have John Smith, Peter Pan, White Trash Mullet creep, I cant remember what Eli is, Thing 1 and Brad the bee. Why was Brad a bee you ask?
Cuz I was a flower. Don't even think that we were cutesy and clean, its deeper. Only if you get it will you get it. Did that make sense?
I made my costume too. Some people thought I was a lioness. Then they saw Brad and they got it. They put things together.

So I did participate in Halloween.

I promise.
Even though this day was not Halloween but yet the day before...
Halloween... which was the next day was more of a horror than I ever imagined.

Real Soccer Game, Car wreck on the way there.

Just found out today the people who's fault it was gave a faulty insurance card. Yay. Sarcastic.