Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Isn't She

Isn't she just a doll?

I can almost hear her saying, "Brinee".

Or whispering it when she realizes I'm asleep.

Then falling asleep next to my bed while I am asleep in my bed.

As if she is waiting for me to play.

I just left her Sunday, and I miss her already, even though I was done with her calling my name and begging me to 'come here'. I love that girl. Love her to death.

Baby sister Faith at 2 years old. Taken for the tenth time at the school when all the older kids had their school pictures too. Mom said she cheesed it too much, and this is only a half cheese. Sounds normal for Faith.

1 comment:

Crystal said...

I want to meet her. I want to come to your house when everyone is home and just watch the love and the cuteness.