Friday, November 13, 2009


I stole all of the following fotos from my beautiful cousin Tess's blog.

Honestly its the cutest post.

She went to Standrod to visit.

All of you know that I am from Standrod.

I stole a few of the pics, but if you want to see the entirety of her post of steps of how to get pine nuts.

Go to this link. CLICK HERE.

Beware, she has the cutest baby ever.

Seriously. Ever.

But I guess mainly from her blog, I took these three pictures because..
Well its pretty self explanatory. This is my Grandpa. He has taught me so many good things. At one point I bore my testimony and in it I said, I know I am supposed to read the scriptures over and over again.

After my testimony he said, "Brit you know why you read your scriptures over and over again? The scriptures never change but you do."

Now I have never forgotten that.

Due to my grandpa not really ever speaking out like that towards me I guess. Not really slamming advice down my throat, he just usually flicks my ear and is on with it. He is the greatest guy. Ask him about the time he buried 8 kids in grain in the silo and had to dig them out before they suffocated. Its a moving story.
And this...I would have to say Prunella thinks she is a dog, cuz she always knocks on the door and they let her in. You think Im joking. Here...animals of any kind are welcome.
Do animals like organized chaos. Well if you look to the right you will see my Grandpas collection of old fashioned egg beaters. Great bday gift for him, just go the dI and round up some 1.00 egg beaters. He loves them, and hangs them all on the wall. My grandma has no problem with pictures of all her 98 grankids. I am probably off by a few numbers but when she has 14 kids, all but 2 with over 5 kids. It adds up folks. In 3rd grade we are learning that folks means peoples. So this may be chaos, but its granmas.

Sorry for posting 2 in one day, but I woke up early, and now ....I feel this strong desire to tell you about my grandparents...all in one day.

Ps. I take the PRaxis manana.

Oh deer in the headlights.


Karissa said...

Britt, you are hilarious. Maybe I love reading your blog. And maybe I miss you alot. And I know you will do absolutely fine on the praxxis. It sucks, but you can do it. And I know you're doing awesome in your cohort and teaching. It's tough, but worth it. I think. Student teaching is easier. I promise. You don't have to worry about homework and tests. Just lesson plans. And the TWS. Which is really not THAT bad. We should get together. Wanna come over for dinner next Sunday? (the 22nd)

Just Some Dude said...

Just so you know, now that I have no Grandpas left, I want to adopt yours. Any man who allows ponies in the house is my kinda guy. I'm sawing off my right arm to be there the next time the house turns into Noah's Ark.