Monday, November 16, 2009

In the literal sense.

We watched some videos, that do the literal view of the music video, just search literal total eclipse of the heart on you tube and you will die laughing.

As I was uploading pictures for christmas presents to a website...I realized that some of my pictures could be literally evaluated.

Like taken for what is really happening, not just saying, oh that is atheistically pleasing.

Brad is thinking- Freak Brittany, I know you were on that wedding diet, but hate to break it to ya, I think you gained weight since I last picked you up.
Brittany is thinking-Brad you must me so in love with me.
Well it was a blustery day in the town of SLC, and the groom felt a strong desire to wear the veil. The picture after this you will see the bride slowly lift off the ground and float away.

Yes, I love looking at the temple too Brad.-Brittany
Our kids will love this shot, they will really tell how we were feeling that day.