Friday, November 6, 2009

Wreck and not Wreck

Well, its true. A car wreck is what happened. Some special individuals in front of us were not paying attention and they just bammed right next to the nice fellows in front of them. They busted their radiator, Im sure of it, because anti-freeze was everywhere.

The problem with this whole situation is that we were on our way to New York.

We were on our way to the Real Soccer game. Pronounced REE-AL. not real. but REE, like pioneer woman, then AL, like the guy who is in charge of AL's toy barn on toy story.

And we had 15 tickets. Only four of which we were using. The other 11 were waiting for us at the stadium. Oh perfect.

So we were so close to the exit. So close. And then it happened. We did NOT get ticketed for driving too close, because the peoples in front of us did not even push on their brakes. They just hit em.

We had no warning. We hit them going like 10. Or something. Still a good hit.

Enough to do this.


So the officer declared it their fault so I thought, oh perfect, my insurance wont have to pay for this.

But really.

I called the other day, and those peoples who caused the wreck.

Didn't really have insurance. Faulty insurance card.

And as the procedure goes, there is basically nothing I can do about it.

So we made it to the way or another.

The convo with my dad was interesting.

Dad, we got in a wreck.(me)

(told him the details)

Its funny how Sally was just saying before we hit him, how her and Landon almost got in a wreck yesterday. THen BAM we hit em. (Me)


Yes, but they are fine. (BRIT)

WHy are they in the car with you (DAD)

uh cuz they came with us to the game (Brit, feeling extremely ......)

Okay, let me talk to them. (DAD)

Thank you dad. I'm fine, thanks for asking. Hand over the phone.

Maybe thats just typical parents. Care more about the ones that are 18 and under than the ones that are 21 and up. Or maybe, its because he feels that I am responsible enough that I can handle my own experiences. And that Sally and Echo need to console with him in order to be accepting of their surroundings. Or maybe I'm just ....weirdo.

Anyway, the game was great.


By one.
won by one.

What a play on words.

We ended up giving two of our tickets to the guys who got hit. By the car that we hit.

They were nice folks.

Folks, means peoples.

Sally and Echo did come as a matter of fact. And safe they were, and happy to take a break from Provo.

I can't imagine spending my time with a more car wrecking good handling guy ever. If that didn't make sense to you, it was good to see Brad's skills.

After the game we went and saw Tess's little doll face. Paisley. She loves to open mouth smile. It was Halloween and for the moment, I loved handing out candy. Loved it. Tresa was a little worried that I gave someone a handful instead of one. Due to millions of children coming, and us having to put up a ''out of candy'' sign later.

I guess the wreck, wasn't a wreck after all. Just a spooky Halloween REEal game....

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