Friday, August 29, 2008

Just closure. Of Peru.

So I am not sure how this post will turn out. My last few days have been very eventful and there are experiences in which have changed who I am. I know the meaning of foreign country. I know what it feels like to be in danger. I know poverty. I know fear. I know love. I know protection. I know how it feels to be accepted by a culture only after I have accepted their ways. I know what it feels like to miss a shower and a toliet. I know the meaning of friend. I know what rice and chicken tastes like. 100 times over. I know what oranges off of a jungle tree taste like. I know pollution. I know Peruvian concert. I know coca cola. I know dirty toes. I know Hostel. I know dogs. I know taxis. I know friendship, did I say that already? Oh let me emphasis friendship. I know bargaining. I know soles. I know snotty noses. I know theft. I know pain. I know bird poop in my hair. I know this was an incredible experience that I would not change for anything. Granted...I could have seen the experiences then made some different choices...of course..but then ya..lets not go there. But I will be back in America on Monday. I feel grateful for that country. Thats what I know. I know America and I know clean running hot water. Im going to a glacier tommorow. I hear its beautiful.

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Phil Ryburn said...

Just wanted to give you a comment, cos you didnt have any. Now you have one. How does that make you feel? Im trying to get ingenious where i leave you letters now that...well, your not here...but its hard!! Come back Brittany.