Saturday, November 8, 2008

Dad Its Your Birthday

In honor of my dad's 53rd birthday I would like all of you to know where he has been influential in my life. Let's begin with the basics of what I remember him teaching me:

When I was little he taught me to put a hoodie or something cloth related under my head as I slept on the tractor floor in the middle of the night. I have recently looked inside the tractor to see if I would fit. I don't fit at all. I was crammed as a little one, so the likelihood of anyone over 50 pounds fitting there is slim chance.

With teaching me to put a coat or something under my head, it was just more than that, it was the desire I had to spend time with my dad who was a custom farmer working all night and most of the day. Although I can only remember looking up at him messing with all the knobs, and stepping out to go un-clog the baler, I remember that was quality one on one time with my dad.

Since I don't have any pictures of him and I in a tractor, the closet one I have is when he taught me how to preg-check a cow. For greater details read this post. CLICK here!

It began with a demonstration of about 14 cows. He was so great at it. He went to school for this!
He showed me how to lube up my hand.
He guided me nicely when I said, But dad she keeps pushing me out, and I just am scared she is going to kick me. He was patient and didn't give up on my inexperience.
And I was successful thanks to his encouraging words.

If this wasn't enough to know that my Dad is remarkably amazing. Let me tell you his knowledge bank is full, and I call him in relation to anything about politics, cars, farming, and other stuff that I personally do not know.

Something more than his knowledge is his willingness to help, guide, teach and love his children. And he has a few of them.

16 to be exact. (Thats his arm on the left.)

So with these siblings he so blessed me with I have unlimited access to several banks of knowledge and love. Which I have him to thank for.

He taught me how to work hard. Hard work is something I value in people now and its a matter of when all your work is done, do you keep working? And yes yes you do. So My dad maybe taught me endurance well just by making me tickle his feet with knives, like you see Echo doing here below.

Fingernails are not sharp enough apparently.

Another thing he passed on to me was his love for chocolate, here he is eating some melted almonds in which Brooke got him for F-day. (fathers day) (I dont know why I abbreviate when I just have to tell you what it is anyway.)
Appreciate chocolate Day should be made on Nov 8 in honor of my Dad.

So with all the previous things you know about my dad you probably don't know he has a sense of humor. Well I remember one story distinctly about him that scarred me. So it was rodent season in the Hansen Home and he decided to put some little dead rodents that he had captured into a ziploc baggie. So when I was eating my dinner in my pajamas at the kitchen bar, he decided to throw this little baggie of rodents at me. I screamed and still can feel the plastic deadness of those rodents hitting my arm. Sick Dad, sick.

I also can remember something else I dont think he knows I know. Hahshhahahsadfhasld. Dont tell him okay? So one time he was really mad at all of us. And one sibling came rushing down the stairs, "Dad is mad! Dad is mad!" "EVERYBODY HIDE!!!" So as I grabbed Ethan or somebody we ran and hide, but we still had the kitchen in view. He came storming down the stairs mad at us, as his large size 12 feet hit the floor at the bottom of the stairs, some part of him tumbled and he came crashing down. I remember him falling, and I remember us snickering, then I remember us coming out all humbled because he was mad at us. I hope he knows that was really funny for us. Probably hurt him a bit...and hope he doesn't feel embarrassed that I am writing this.

My Dad (and mom) helped me make it through. I feel like this medal they presented me with was because my Dad was always saying, What did you get on that test,Me- 92 dad, Dad-Get a 99 next time!!

So my dad wanted us to do our best at everything, regardless of the effort it took and if it was worth it or not. My grades in high school don't mean much to me now, but it wasn't the grades that mattered, it was the work hard for everything concept that is what matters.

And I think I owe more than I could ever repay to my Dad.

He used to have a Camaro. I want one. Dad? .... Next birthday please?

Happy Birthday Daddy-O! You are 53!!!

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