Monday, November 3, 2008

Let's break it down.

By break it down I mean, lets evaluate, lets ask why.
Why does it seem like I just want to drop out of school this minute and go live with her in standrod...

and her....

and then never have to miss this..

Who are these lovely girls????????
Echo and Sally. Sally is the blonde. Echo is the dark haired volume filled head of hair. Sally clearly informed the back seat of the van that volume is not more hairs, but yet a thicker strand of hair in which creates an overall thickness. Thats why she gets full ride scholarships to colleges..because she is so geniusly smart. (me i just make up words and pretend I am smart...when not at all)
Lets talk about why I would like to drop out of school and go home forever.
#1 My mom makes all the food.
#2 We have pear trees. (I hate pears, but still....)
#3 We have apple and plum trees. I love apples and plums.
#4 We have a 15 passenger van, in which we crammed 17 in for our 30 minute dirt road drive to church. (Now this is where I clarify that the last 2 minutes are actually on oil road.)
#5 We have birthday parties all the time. Birthday parties that include at least 4 cakes. Of different kinds.
#6 Echo.
#7 Not that this number is lesser than any of the above, but Sally. ALso referred to as Sal Pal.
#8 A basketball court. Outside, that may hinder or help your shooting abilities due to the climate (eg. Wind)
#9 Animals. Deer. Large deer. With antlers. Large antlers. A dog that chases the deer and causes the deer to jump the fence and break its back..then shad has to shoot it because it is still alive but not going to be able to move ever again..okay that may not be a reason to drop out of school....
#10 because school is hard and in Standrod I could just read all day.
#11 because for some odd and unknown reason when we have numerous empty beds...Sal Echo and I decide to sleep in the same one in all different ways. So sallys feet are in my mouth and neck most the night and kicking me...whoops.
#12 Because my mom still cares about me. She didnt let me wear a tattoo to church. She gave me a baby wipe to get it off.
#13 Because my mom completely knows everything.
#14 Because my dad knows everything.
#15 Because my Lexus is at home.
#16 Because my room is big, and food is free, and I could just read books all day, and our fireplace is warm.

How fitting that there be 16. Dont even ask why 16. You should know.

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