Thursday, November 6, 2008

Marry Me.

Cousin Tess got married. Now she is Jessica Tess Koop. Married to Kyson Koop. Looks like he said marry me and gave her this freakin huge rock of diamond, and now...they're hitched.
Uncle Jex said there was a mishap with his wife (whom he married) and his church shoes didn't get to the chapel. Whoopsy. Boots and black eyes.
Look me in the eyes. Cousin Jordan, and Uncle Jex have eye-liner due to their coal working. Jordan isn't married. I think he is dating a girl though, which is good.
Niece or neice. or NEECe. I dont know. Im not sure, but Remi (Tosha is my sister, she decided to marry Lance and they produced Remi, therefore making her my nice niece). For some odd reason she was very photo excited this day, I have like fifty more of these. Tell me your email address and I will invite you to the album to view this wedding and marriage to full capacity.)
Sister Echo was camera hungry and had to step in and be a part of this photo. Remi minded, and wasn't well pleased, but allowed her to intrude. I can't wait till Echo gets married. Her lover will have to be about 6'10'' though because she is growing like a moss grows on a sitting rock and nobody shorter will do. (sitting because rolling rocks don't collect moss)
I believe these two were only born 15 days apart for a reason. They love each other. Sal Pal and Tessy. I fit in there somewhere but I was always the older, more mature one in the group. We played a lot of Barbies. I think Sal Pal will marry someone who plays basketball.

Landon is sweet, so he smells flowers. He is not married, and for now I am selfish and I want his sweetness all to myself, until I approve of some lucky lass.
Every wedding would be boring without GRAMMA!! Oh now what a day when we all decide to wed and marry our dream MAn.

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