Friday, November 21, 2008

A position reached after consideration

Oh ps Brooke, I borrowed your shirt this day, don't be mad.

It all began when I enrolled in VA 326. This visual arts class in which consumed my 10am-1pm every Wednesday, became my favorite class immediately. For a few reasons.
1. Brittany Humber-good thing we both have unlimited texting and can talk to each other for free, or else we would be in trouble.
2. Dr. Gray- She is my art professor. She is classic for puns. All day long she gives us puns, sometimes even triple puns. We were making retablos one day, and using bread, she will say something about the day being crummy. We were looking at a picture of shoes and she said, this has some sole. The list goes on. There is an artist whom I can't really remember his first name and I will butcher his last name but it is something like Ceesawn (thats how it sounds but im sure thats not how it is spelled, but work with me) And she said, now we are going to be looking at so and so Ceesawn. Time passed, then she said, 'tis the ceesawn to be jolly'. So basically Dr. Gray is my number 2 reason for this position I have reached.
3. Art. I know I haven't always been this kickin artist but my desire is there and I know with work it can become something better.
4. My granny, I know she will be so happy with this position I have reached.
5. Who doesn't want to go to more school.
So I bet you want to know what this jolly decision is?
I have decided to minor in Art Education. Thanks VA 326 for extending my stay at BYU.

No in all honesty it is only 18 more credits in which I can go spring and summer and also go while I am teaching school if I am not done by then. So I will have my Early Childhood Certification for Teaching, and my Art Education Minor. So I can teach any art class, and teach in the classroom K-3. Problems all solved.

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Rustin & Brittany said...

NO, Brit...don't extend, get out while you can!

Just kidding, good for you!