Friday, November 7, 2008

When I stepped out of the car in Standrod...

I was greeted with a number of surprises.
Sally tried to call us while we were coming home (we being Landon and I), but she called and all we could hear was..."You be a cow and I'll be the milker" what!! that does not sound pleasant, I was hoping for like a construction hat and I'll just stay in my normal clothes and call it good. I'll be a construction worker..thats fine. So we were unsure of what Sally was going to pull out of the closet for us. We were meeting them at gramma's so we could hussle with the trick or treating. I haven't been trick or treating since I was eleven. I remember my first non-trick or treating night where I thought I was too old. I went with the 'bigger kids' to Naf's General Store down the road, and played pool, ate hamburgers, and watched Gone with the Wind on the T.V. while all the fun was happening.

I remember sitting there going through a little bit of Trick or Treating withdrawls. I started thinking about that orange bucket of goodness that I would be missing out on for months to come.
I started thinking what would become of me if I wanted to go next year, would everyone ask where I had been?
I started thinking this was fun, but was I ready to become one of the 'bigger kids'?
Could I keep up with them on bike rides?
Could I maintain the social pressure from the younger kids begging to go everywhere?
Could I stand not knocking on people's doors in Yost for the years to come?
I finally decided..
I could never go again.

Well as you have probably already assumed. I jumped the hurdle of embarrassment and went trick or treating. Nine years after the previously discussed experience. Mainly because I haven't been home since July, and haven't seen my family all at once since then either. So, I dropped my pride and wore the costume. The little ones thought it pretty amusing. So did all the people opening their doors.

I first stepped out and saw Faith my little sister walking towards me, I quickly pulled out my camera, but she...being from a camera hungry family...sat quickly on the ground and started smiling...
I wanted to wrap her up in an indian blankie and sing owwahhahhahsfoooooo to her..NOt really..but we did teach her how to pat her mouth as she let some plosive sounds out. (plosive are sounds like b, p, and other not really plosive sounds did we teach her.. but I just wanted to use my Language Development language)
Sal Pal had this cute bottom I couldn't resist.
I changed in the car. I was scared to stand up, as my torso was longer than the length of this cow's torso. Hence the hunching over in all pictures.
Laddie, was a horsey. Horse costume equaled heat. Heat equaled Lad taking his costume off in between houses. He would jump out of the 15-passenger van (known to fit 20 or 21) without his costume, and we would YELL LAD get on your horse!! Not get on your horse, like an actual horse, but get on your horse..costume..Duh.

I asked Chandler what he was, he shrugged his shoulders. Throughout the night when people asked me what everyone was for Halloween I would say, Sally is obviously the cutest bunny you have ever seen, Landon is a creepy clown, Ethan is at a party, Echo is at a different party, Shad has a football game (so he is a football player for halloween, hahahaha!), Faith is an indian, Lad is a horsey, Ian is Batman (Then a screech from Ian, "NO!!!!!!!! Im SPiderman!") Okay okay fine, Ian is spideyman, and Chandler is a ....sailor maybe? Then everyone would look at each other and just kinda say...uh he is whatever you want him to be..uh he just found that sailor looking shirt in the closet and wore it with his basketball shorts. Oh and he forgot shoes. So he went Trick or Treating barefoot. He didn't complain.
Hans Ian kept saying, Brit look over here. THen he would be striking all these Spidey man poses. He wore flip flops for the night, but rarely wore them (they are ironman flip flops). Then he was continually jumping off front porches, steps, people's couches, and he was continually falling down. He was pretending to be spiderman all night. He won the award of 'good job you played the part of your character the entire night, have a candy bar'. At one point he jumped off of a porch and landed on his stomach and rolled, and his pumpkin bucket rolled across the yard emptying the entire contents of snickers, lollypops, hard candies, gum, grosser than most candies..and I was sure there was going to be tears. Tears never came and he scrambled up as I helped him pick up the wet goods (as it rained). He said to me, "Man I gotta try to land on my feet." As if he hadn't been trying the previous spills. Oh great, glad you are going to try now. That's comforting.
Wow that last one was long. I'll keep this one boring and short. Hey look at us, we are trick or treating at Betty Jo's.
As I think the skimmers of my blog appreciate short ones, here is another short one. 'Betty Jo giving us candy'
The light was a bit bright for the clown. Indian took it well.
Seems like the goods were raided by the Indian. I hope you know she was in her character most of the night then she got tired.
Indian is tired, and wants more candy, here she is fighting sleep during trick or treating and sucking on the candy hoping that some chocolate would come out.
Can you imagine the house owners faces when we walked in? Well let me try to capture them. They would look at us closely, say, "Oh my Brit and Sally you guys are a little big for trick or treating, and your costumes!"
Do I need to put a caption on this picture? Do I need to explain why in the world we did this? I probably do..but I'll let you think about it
The trickers.
Please tell me we are beautiful.
This is one of a thousand photos. Spideyman. 'stay in your character all night award'
An award I lost when I stopped mooing after the fourth house.

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