Friday, November 14, 2008

Sometimes I go home... (with pictures)

So in order to understand this post you need to place the phrase 'sometimes I go home' before every sentence. Unless you want me to type it. .. . . . you can do it.
(Place the phrase 'sometimes I go I can give Ian my camera, to take these kinds of pictures.

So I can watch Ian and Lad box for hours. And have at least 4 or 5 crying breakdowns during these fights.

To witness dinner at its greatest. 2 pizzas from costco and 2 lasagnas from costco, and lots of salad.
So I can enjoy over eating and sit at this table with (left to right) Landon, Echo, Chandler, and Lad.
just so I can see Ian, Shad, and Ethan eat.
So I can make fun of my 4 year old brotha who has a mo-hawk. (Brooke cut it, don't blame my mama if you hate it, and if you love it..praise Brooke..I guess)
To watch Faith 'bear down' My dad always does this...its like clench your hands fists and grit your teeth to win! She is one....already has this fire in her...oh dear.
So I can celebrate Ammon's birthday with an A cake.

So I can celebrate Ammon turning nine and my Dad turning 34? mahaha Actually I switched those around, it used to say 43. He is actually 53.

So I can celebrate 3 of my family members birthdays in one day. Shad Happy Birthday, you're 16 go on a date for goodness sakes. Oh ya I still think girls have cooties. Keep thinking that..
So I can eat German Chocolate Cake. Which by the way is the tastiest in the West (warning:may have saliva on it).
So I can see Echo. Who happens to be inches taller than me. And years younger than me. I may or may not have just woken up from my 3 hour Sunday nap here.
So I can wander around aimlessly for hours upon hours with not a care in the world.
So I can see my two favorite sisters..Faith and Summer. Actually I take that back...JK I like you guys. We will work on the favorite part though. Faith, you stop squaking at random times and you will bump up to the fav spot.
So I can witness this I mean Echo. All day long she entertains me.
So I can see my Nana. She has white hair. She came to the party. The party for three.

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