Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Thanks for being Creative.

Lets think about our options here...
If a man walked up to you and said...(if you are a man..lets pretend you are a woman for these scenarios..k not really a woman, but put yourselves in a woman's shoes)
so if a man walked up to you randomly and said, "You are so gorgeous, let me take you on a date."

how would you respond?

Would it depend on these elements?
His shoes.
His facial hair.
His neck hair.
His teeth.
His jaw.
His stench, or smell.
His hair color. (this one really matters...really it does!)
His apparel.
His name brand apparel.
His mannerisms. (if he acts a bit obsessed with you..that can be creepy no matter his look)
His stare. (if he is starin you down)
His overall symmetrical face.
His genuineness.
His first impression.

I think it would depend on those elements.
Where was I going with this?
Oh I remember..k so is that shallow to turn him down if he doesnt have those elements you so badly need him to have?
Or is it normal that he got shut down because he asked first? say the epitome of gorgeous asks you out on first sight. Then say you say yes...happy ending.

Now back to the basics.
Which would you rather prefer?
Would you rather be asked out like this
"Hey let's hang out sometime"
or like this
"Hey we should do something"
or maybe this
"Hey wanna go to a movie or something, sometime, maybe?"
oh this too
"Hey I know this might be a little soon but is okay if I take you to do something sometime?"
oh this one is good
"Hey...whats up?"
you/me: 'oh nothing really'
"oh well, thats cool, hey! do you want to come over sometime?"

Key elements about these methods that I previously addressed...
*all start with some form of 'hey'
*all include the word 'some' -whether it be sometime, or something
*all through texting..text messaging...not calling..but texting.

Would you say yes?

Oh I got the picture from a Jewish Dating website.

*This post may have some connection to me besides the fact that I posted it. You decide.

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