Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Phase Six of Peru. Phase SIx.

So if you think I am nearing the end of my phases, you are wrong. You are completely wrong. This is still from the first 2 GB memory card. I have 4 more 2 GB memory cards. So Peru may continue for awhile. Maybe I will condense it throughout Christmas break, but I highly doubt it. Highly doubt it. But at least I am to the orphans now.

my camera was such a distraction, im sure the teacher really hated me for it. . . But I was a distraction by myself, i spoke jibberish to them, and I was white, with blonde hair, something they had only saw in movies..probably. I spent some trying times in this room. Def. hard and not so much rewarding, but a learning experience for me regardless if it was for them or not.

Without me. We found them all sitting quietly like this, I was in shock and awe. Shock and awe.
With me!
This was taken on accidental...But its the only one of the lunchroom that I have. Something you need to know about the lunchroom...Dont work in the kitchen if you have a queasy stomach, and don't get sick from hairs in your food or you may have to eat your throw up. Gross.

This is not where I worked, but where Phil and Sam worked...we had the olympics one day.. My team was blue and it was chaos and everyone ended up just popping everyone else's balloons. You may have to search me out in these photos, but I am in the gray..usually my back is to the camera.
These little tots were helping each other tie on ribbons. Funny because they aren't pro tiers. Something I learned very fast from this orphanage is that the kids depend on each other for friendship, parenting, love, guidance, and even food :)
I feel like we couldn't keep up with them, they struggled with understanding rules and structure and organization..but for some odd reason it was super enjoyable in the chaos, and the volunteers would just look at each other, shrug, and keep on tying on balloons.
Can you imagine me speaking complete English, and every once in awhile throwing in some random spanish word? Ya it was terrific.
Phil was super energetic and these kids adored him. Every kid knew who he was, and knew he was the coolest ever, and good at soccer.
The majority of these photos come from Oscar (one of the boy older orphans) taking my camera and taking all these great photos.
I am pretty sure I have ten of these...he was in love with the control of the camera.
This little guy didn't know a word I was saying, but all the same, he made me melt to an ice cream puddle.

Looking back at these photos, so many memories, emotions, feelings and even tastes come rushing back. I loved it, and met so many great people, children who know no means for love, and love you upon sight. Welcome to Peru.

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