Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I was thinking today as I drove to work trying to keep my numb fingers on the steering wheel that I have had some really awkward moments in my life.
Let's just get them out there while we are sitting here waiting for thanksgiving. Keep in mind that I am leaving the embarrassing, life scarring ones...OUT!

1. Spilled milk all over a guest when I was like 12. Then blamed it on a hole in the cup. The cup was glass. I STILL get made fun of for that one by siblings. Let it go? Please...

2. Slid my hand under the glass dining room double doors on accident and my middle finger nail was ripped off, and I screamed really loud and burst into tears and started freaking out by jumping up and down..which wouldn't have been that bad but I was 14 and our hometeachers were teaching a lesson. I still remember my dad getting mad at me for being too loud.

3.I wrecked my bike in the parking lot and that really hurt. And I ripped my pants. Im wearing those pants today.

4. I woke up and got completely ready for school only to find out it was 7PM, not Am. I knew it when I saw my whole family eating food that was far from breakfast food. Casserole.

5. When I got carried away and shaved one entire arm, but didn't want to shave the other one. Then somebody noticed and asked if I had a disorder. Yep.

6. I just thought of a really awesome one, but sorry it is not suitable for readers...but just know it involves a basketball game.

7. When Echo walked in on me naked in my room because I failed to close the doors to my bedroom AND closet.

8. When I told someone I think only nerds wear fanny packs. And he wore one, and he took it all wrong. After this I tried to dig myself out, but gave up.

9. When I wrote my teachers name on the board as Mrs. Turtle, when it was actually Mrs. Tuttle, and then she walked in. I'll never forget that one.

10. And the prize winner, when my friends Aaron, Wes, Lori and I were driving home from flaming gorge and Aaron got a ticket. I then asked the officer if we could snap a picture. He agreed, then he smiled. This my dearest friends was very awkward because he didn't know whether or not to say bye, have a nice trip, or hey I'm a policeman respect me. I think he fell out of character. It may have been more awkward if he would have told me NO you cannot photo me.'s the lucky photo.


Karissa said...

Haha Britt, you are amazing. And I love you. That's all :-)

Lisa said...

Regarding #5 - I did that to my arms once too. Or to one of them, that is.