Thursday, August 13, 2009

Approach me.

I have a new straightener.
It's for my hair.
I told Hannah on the phone, "I got a Chi straightener"
She said, You mean a Cheese grater?
NO! A Hair straightener.
We finally got it sorted out.
Does my hair look straighter?

I think it does.

But as school nears birthday is gone....Im 21 and drinking heavily now.

Okay that may have been a joke.

I bought all my books.
Three of them have arrived. So about 150 dollars is sitting in books that I rarely will read on my desk.
Which is in the front room.
And a mess.
Not to mention we have these creatures..

Thats a creepy crawler pic taken on my cell phone. Oh gross.
I need a sticky pad. Or some other method to rid of spiders.
So to school I say....hurry up and come so that you can hurry up and be over.
Except I rather like school.
And I havent had a whole lot of school lately.
I read a lotta books this summer though. So that was good.
I got married. That was a great accomplishment.
My two sisters had babies.
My other sister's puppy had babies.
My mom is pregnant. That is a joke. She really isn't.
Bad joke?
I lightened my hair, twice.
I went on a honeymoon with my honey.
Not sure where the moon comes in.
My sister Sal Pal is moving down to UVU to do track.
She can only wear adidas on the field.
She can't wear BYU stuff anymore.
We need to get a couch she can sleep on.
I ran into my good friend Sarah at Brad's cousin's reception.
She paints. And she paints tulips at the tulip festival.
That was a joy to run into her.
I went to Chadders for the first time.
No it wasn't as good as IN N Out thirty times on our honeymoon.
The bun had flour on it. That grosses me out.
My bathroom has no outlets in it.
We have a vent that I shoved a towel in so we couldnt hear our upstairs people and they cant hear us...but we can still smell.
Smell cookies.
Smell popcorn.
Smell chicken.
I want to put a stinky thing in there so they can smell us.
My shoulders are peeling from Lava.
Its kinda gross.
So come on school, just hurry up.
Fall, you can come too.

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