Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I had a BreakDown.

Breakdowns are interesting. They make everything seem really bad. No matter what it is.

They are dramatic.

They are devastating.

But trust me they are real.

I told Brad all the reasons I was upset.

Please tell me they are valid reasons.

I said, "My painting sucks."

I said, "My jeans are too tight."

I said, "I don't want to go to school."

I said, "I have no purpose."

He came back in full force.

He said, "Your painting is incredible, your jeans are perfect and your butt is hot, and you will be the best teacher in the world, who else thinks of wearing a different letter around their neck as a necklace every day??, and you are the best wife ever."

Minus the best wife in the world part, he said all of that..

When you are married you can call random parts of the body, like butts, hot.

As he drove me to work I thought of all the things Im good at.

Every talent that came to my mind I disputed with a reason why that talent sucked.

I can paint, but I can't draw lines worth a dang. And anyone could paint if they just tried.

Please tell me someone else self destructs like this too.

I hope I'm not the only self destructor.

Brad does it too.

But his is more along the lines of, "I'm awesome at guitar, but I wish my fingers were made of diamonds so I could play every minute of my life."

Meaning, he is perfect.

Yes I have a perfect husband.

Back to my horrible life.

As I was self destructing in my head I realized.....

"I'm not that horrible at painting I guess, I guess I could diet more and look better in my jeans, I think I have a purpose or why would I still be alive."

Then I realized its all about perspective.


Crystal said...

I self destruct at least once a week :) But we were both smart enough to marry guys that are good at rebuilding things once we've destroyed them :) Go kiss Brad.

Brad said...

Yeah... kiss me brit.