Monday, August 24, 2009

If...I'll Die.

If I have another dream about Brad having an affair. I'll die.
If I find a mouse in our house. I'll die.
If my Lexus is dead forever. I'll die.
If the service engine soon light doesn't go off on my Saturn. I'll die.
If I don't take stats before April. I'll die.
If we don't go to the grocery store to buy milk. I'll die.
If Brad loses his freckles. I'll die.
If the plaque doesn't come off the back of my bottom teeth. I'll die.
If school is hard. I'll die.
If there is a mouse hiding in one of my shoes. I'll die.
If I dream about mice crawling up my bed and getting on my face. I'll die.
If someone calls BYU INFO again and can barely speak English and gets mad at me for not understanding. I'll die.
If someone calls me Brittany Clark and thinks its funny again. . I'll die.

No I probably won't die.
Just be freaked, scared, hyperventilate, strangle, choke, stop breathing for only a moment.


Natalie Jane said... long as it's just for a moment and you won't really die, I guess it's okay. I bet if all of those things happened at once, you might die though. So I'll say a little prayer that zero of those things happen. or maybe just one.
also, sorry you're allergic to cats. ill never put one on your face.

Brooke said...

You are the best blogger I have ever heard of, or know...or the whole world.

Crystal said...

I hate mice, I hate cockroaches worse - I'll trade you. Also, I hate the affair dreams/nightmare too!!!!!

Brad said...

"if i have to make brad another lunch... ill die" :)