Wednesday, August 19, 2009


It sounds like from the title of my post I am ransacking Miley. But Im not. Seriously Im not. Miley is a doll face. Wouldn't want to ransack her. It did say ransacking America. But that sounded way bad. So I just deleted that all together. As I ransacked this photo I thought of my American background. My home grown roots. When I ventured to Peru for three weeks I would always say, Ya Im American. Then my fellow volunteers who weren't 'American' informed me. . . Im not an 'AMERICAN' Im from the United States of America. Because if I am an American then so is everyone from South 'AMERICA'. Blah. Im an American. If those folks in South America want to call themselves Americans so be it. Just so freakin be it.

Brad and I went to Tucanos. Speaking of which. Isn't American. Its Brazilion. How much is a brazillion? Hahahasdfahsdflhaslfh oh im funny. Its ten.

We went for my birthday meal. So sweet and nice of him to take me there. It was free. I drank more than I ate. I was so thirsty.

It was a 45 minute wait so we went to W-S. What? You don't know that acro? Oh, its Williams-Sonoma.Oh whats that? What are those bowls? Oh, those are the bowls we bought. So perfect. So nice.
Except in white. White goes with everything. I bought white over Red and Multicolored because. . . It felt like a white day. Maybe if I had have gone yesterday it would have been a red day. But nope. It was a white day.

Perfect. Now I can re-DI my bowls that I bought awhile ago. Now I have used the gift card from W-S. Perfect. We also got funnel cake mix. Seriously, its going to be a dream come true when I make that.

Now I have Bed Bath and Beyond Silver bowls, and white W-S bowls. Im so kitchen stylin. Now I just need a kitchen aid. Ill add a donation box on my blog. Maybe in 15 years Ill buy one with the donation box. Perfect. Awesome.

I felt like my throat was going to puke at Tucanos. I ate way too much. So good though. Wish I could take home a box of it. Wish my husband owned it. That would be oober sweet.

Now Im dreamin. Just like I was with the kitchen aid. Stop. Stop. Reality. Yuck.

My husband is addicted to his guitar.

But back to Miley. And ransacking.

I attended the Stadium of fire 2008. It was a blissful time. It reminded me of why we have unity. And speaking of unity..

Unity. How is that even important? How is it important to me? Well since I got married it changed. It changed a lot. I am unifed with this Mr. Skinny Guitar Pants and he is unifed with me, Mrs. Got New Bowls at W-S. So when you unify yourself to someone....that means when people ask you questions like, "Hey what are you guys doing for Thanksgiving..." You cant just shout out, "Oh my house" You have to look at each other, determine if you have made a 'unified' answer in your head, and if not you give a very, unified answer. "Oh we haven't talked about it yet."

So if you don't do that. Feelings get hurt and things fall to crap. Thats what these pictures make me think about. Unity. America.

And dance.

Why dance....Well cuz if one person messes up the kick line, then you all look like crap.

Should I take crap out of my vocabulary?

I wont because I know you like it.

Unity means so much to me in so many aspects.

My millions of bros and sis's all know that we are unifed. Its just there. Its a bond. No matter what we are stuck together, and its not like we could get out if we wanted to. Our souls are bonded. So we wouldnt ever want to get out.

Now thats real unity.

And in my opinion, America should be unifed. And golly who doesn't think that.

Everything should be unifed.

People in the fast food workforce, them guys should all work together in order to create a unified group.

A unified group is so much stronger than being alone.

You dont have to be married to be unified.

You dont have to have family to be unified.

You can just unify yourself with something, something that builds your freaking character.

Back to Miley.

At the concert, my sisters and I were all there singing our little souls out. Thats unity.

It feels nice to be united with so many things.

At the concert I remember the soldier part. They brought down the wives of the soldiers, and they honored them. I remember that the wives thought that there would be nothing more than that.

Then they brought the soldiers on live streaming.....satellite? And those women were just a sobbin and bawling. Screaming inside, aching for their husbands. Those women had their families out there. And their kids were just in shock.

I was in tears.

Buckets filled with tears.

I would never be strong enough to leave my Mr. Skinny Guitar Pants.

Not for one night.

Not for one month.

Not for one year.
NEVER for one year.

So prayers to those women.

They are so much stronger than I could ever imagine.

Hey, they are unified.

Unified with their country. Unified with their lover. Unified with their kids.


Unify me.

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Natalie Jane said...

Aww Brittany you are so unified. You and I are unity because...we're both crazy and I would have been bawling right along next to you if I would have seen SURPRISE! YOUR HUSBANDS ARE HERE!
You're adorable.