Friday, August 14, 2009


Some days. I really don't know what to write. Sure..I love my life. Sure I love being happy and married and in school. But sometimes I get sick of happy beautiful posts. I get sick of head shots of how happy I am. Im sure you do as well. Sometimes the irony of sadness is that you can change it, but you are beneath a boat drowning because the fish are pretty. Oh, sorry, that probably doesn't make sense. What does make sense. Normal and common stuff makes sense. Be normal, because thats comfortable. Do what everyone else does because thats safe. I have no existance to exist. I am a dot on the planet choking for the air of life. Along with every other fiend in this existance.

And with that note. . . . .

I will be a teacher soon.

Hoping to shape and direct minds.

Not like the blank slate theory. But you know what I mean.


Sorry for ruining your day.

I didn't post anything personal.

But maybe I posted everything personal.


Brooke said...

I really like this post. Deep. Thoughtful. Nice.

Natalie Jane said...

yeeeeeah i get stuck under that boat a lot.