Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Honeymoon me.

For legal reasons I shouldn't write about this. But its so lame. Lame train.

Brad's previous landlords won't give back his deposit. 350. They said they were going to give back 3 dollars total. For five guys who each paid 350.

I won't name any names. That would be rude. But 3 dollars? Thats an insult to the poor boys' intelligence.

Three dollars.

Yuck again.

Anyway, Brad's Lava wound is healing. Finally scabbed over. Open wound I put this oil Evelyn on it....pretty sure I nearly killed poor Brad. He said it stung really bad, then he started taking deep breaths and saying it really hurts. So I grabbed the olive oil and poured it all over his back. I thought it would work....but it didn't. It worked when we got He was still mad because of the stinging.

So he took a shower.

I kept asking him if he was okay.

He turned out okay.

I felt bad.

And the wound that wouldnt scab over, finally did. It did scab over.

Thank goodness.

Now if those landlords would just agree to pay us. Dang it.

We submitted that fafsa thing.

I wish we had a donation box on my blog or something.

It would say. To make Brad a doctor click here.

To make Brit a teacher click here.

We would mail you a thank you card.

As if I don't have enough to send out already.

We stayed in Vegas for a few nights because Mike (Brad's brother got married in St. George a few days after our wedding). Brad is nice and white here...I rather enjoyed this pool.
Here we have Janeen and Mike shoving cake after their marriage.
This here is Janeen's dad. Coach Leach. Click HERE if you have no idea who he is.
This was a beach where we got in. Sorry about the smudge..its.....a problem we had.
Mr. White Pants. I mean..... Mr. Muscle face. I decide what you want to call him.
Oh here's Brad with Coach Leach. Brad's brother (Mike's) new father in law. kinda have this look on your face like, you can't believe you really are standing there with Texas Tech's football coach. Or maybe you saw something behind me..mmmmm

Still in Vegas.
That was super fun.
ps. costco produces these fruit stretches. I am eating an autumn apple one now. I live off of these. They are healthy. I think.

Oh here's a beach where I made sandwiches. The wind was blowing the lettuce off as soon as I put it on. Sometimes I make compromises for Brad. Like most people like Miracle Whip on their sandwiches. Or even Mayo. I personally am a MW person. Brad, oh Brad, he likes Ranch. So I decided to just have Ranch too.
This was on the way home.... Stopped in Vegas and walked the strip. Strip. Hmmm....

Temple in San Diego. We went, and hoped it would be open, because it said it was on the website, but it was NOT open. So we made sad faces and stared at it and wished we could go in.

Oh sure Brad, make me look like I was a guppy fish. While you look all cool and popular.

I promise he wanted to kiss me.

Maybe he just wasn't prepared.

No pretty sure he just laughed at me.

Remember this...?
This is the engaged Brit and Brad.
This is before we were married. Before we both had rings on our fingers. Well I guess now that Brad has a new ring on his finger due to losing his first one.......different story.

And this is the married Brit and Brad..


The Lucky One said...

can i just say how much i love reading your blog? thanks for posting all those wonderful pictures!

Crystal said...

Just so you know we had to get loans and max out credit cards for Steve to take the MCAT/apply to med schools/secondary applications/fly everywhere to interview/pay to hold our place at schools/down payment at schools/pay first and last month rent/pay deposit/move - so....I would leave money in your donation box, but it could only be the change stuck to the bottom of the cup holder in my car that has slurpee spilled on it. Or a check, that would bounce :) You'll make it, and you'll be better (and more in debt) for it :)