Friday, August 7, 2009


So what happened to me?
The tooth story.
Full version.
What you don't want to hear the full version??
Okay short version.
I was experiencing some tooth pain.
It got really really bad in the night.
I cried.
Then took 8 IBP and fell asleep.
In the morning I went immediately to the dentist.
"How soon can you be here!?!?!?!"-Nice Dentist Front Desk Person Named Jessie.
"10 Minutes"-Me
So Dentist gave me amoxicillin (is it spelled O..N... or I..N... IDK) Anyway, and loritab, and ibp. So...I went to BYU pharmacy. Sat there forever and the lady's computer was broken. So I went to Walmart. Walmart I waited for 2 hours because my dentist's license was up to prescribe loritab. What? Anyway, we had already committed to go boating with our friends who aren't engaged yet......and so we went directly after. I was tired. I don't know how to make it more exciting than that. I just was ready to crash but the day had to keep going. And my tooth still hurt. And I felt sick. But boating was way fun and I lost my bottoms on the tube but caught them right at my ankles.

And then.....
after boating we had a intramural coed softball game...
which we lost.
So we had to play again directly after.
We barely lost.
Oh and I scheduled surgery to get my one remaining wisdom tooth out.

Just so happens that our friend we went boating with worked in that office.
So Friday...I got that tooth right out.
I stayed awake because Im married and conservative.
I am positive that the shots were the worst part. Didnt even numb my skin. Or the area.
Pulling the tooth was fast and easy. Felt like my jaw was going to snap but it didnt.
Brad kept asking about me to the assistants. That was cute and nice of him.
I was taking so long because it wouldnt numb because it was infected.
That hurt.
Saturday we played soccer.
Brad doesn't believe in recovery.
Jk. I was okay.
Anyway. Then Sunday happened and I was so so so so so so sick. For two reasons.
Tooth being one. Something else being the other.
Then Monday was my birthday.
We did some awesome things.
Brad woke me up and said happy birthday. Then we got ready for Lava Hot Springs. Well I got ready while he went to his sister's to pick up my presents.
He got me this...

A blown up picture of my favorite wedding picture.
This picture...

How could he be so perfect!?!?!!?!? Welp he is. And I married him.

He also got me all my favorite candies.
Sour Watermelons
Actually two bags of sour watermelons
Then he took me to Sushi at my favorite place!! SHOGA!!!
I love sushi and I love Shoga. Here is my free cheesecake. Quality pictures come from one armed button pushing. With no eyes looking through the viewfinder. Who uses viewfinders anymore?
We need to use the little box that you look through called a viewfinder...because we are getting this unqualified picture as a result as my birthday celebration at Shoga. Did I mention our kids are going to have freckles?

Thats okay because I like freckles. And I love them on cute cuddly little kids. Shoga likes to decorate amazingly.
We went there right before Lava.
I forgot my camera at Shoga. It was my birthday give me a break. A big fat kit kat break.

So I forgot my camera and remembered about 10 miles outside of Lava.
So I forgot about it for like 3 hours.
Im crazy.
Brad said, "Do you want to go back?"
Ya brad, then we will completely miss your talent at the talent show. He is a good husband.
So since I dont have any pictures from this years Lava, we will have to rely on last years :) Except Brad isnt in it...:( but....just visualize him and I going down the waterfall sideways tipping over and almost dying. Well Brad scraped his back sooo bad. And that prevented him from jumping off the 33 foot platform more than once.

Anyway so please enjoy last years pictures.

OH and if you want to see a glimpse of lava from this year on my sister's blogo, go to this link CLICK HERE

Problem is...I didn't emcee this year. Hans and Frans on the link...
Spiderman was here this year too, and I wore my Chacos this year as I did last year.
This is my cake last year. This years cake, I didnt take a picture of because ...oh ya, didnt have my camera. Shoga did.

These guys didn't come this year.

We did shoot of rockets like last year.

My grandma sure came, she made it possible. Thanks Grammy.

Is this dumb? To post pictures from last year?

If it is...Im really sorry.

But this year it was just as fun as last year, except this year...I had a husband to ride the tube with me. A husband to put his feet down in the rocks on the river. And...Im 21 this year.

Last year I was only 20.

Oh....I probably should tell you about my honeymoon.

Timer is great for all sorts of things. But especially for honeymoons. So lame to go up to a walking dog person and say, "Hey um...could you take this picture of us?" They then glance down at your freshly shiny rings and say, "OH ewww ahhh you guys are on your honeymoon arent you?" Blah! Puke face! So, we just did the one arm hold, or timer.

This was on some beach.

I love Brad, still even after 40 some odd days.

Imagine that :)

Tune in next time for real love on real beaches in real life California Honeymoon.


Amber Chappell said...

So cute that you included my Twins on your post. They look so small in that picture. Now days they absolutely will not sit in their stroller calmly sucking their thumbs either.

Natalie Jane said...

Dear Brittany.
I love your life. I think you're fun and cute and beautiful and happy and brave to stay awake while they yanked your tooth out.
Love, Natalie

Bradham BUzz said...

Thanks for your comment Brittnay! It was really sweet. I am also glad to know I am not the only one who thinks its hard lol. I guess all the other girls are delusional lol. Anyway, thanks for the encouraging words, they are much appreciated :)