Wednesday, August 26, 2009


He is really sick.

Could anyone help me?

Maybe he should go to a doctor.

A doctor for guitar addictions.

Whoahhhh. What would I tell them? My Mr. Guitar Skinny Pants just wants to play his guitar all the day long?

I told you he was addicted to guitar.

I snook (past tense for sneak) these pics while pretending to take a picture of something else.

Build me up, Buttercup. Thats what he is learning. Or was learning.

He learned it.

Right now he is obsessed with two songs.

Random songs.

Hey you-Pink Floyd
Snails- The Format

He knows them. He sings them.

All the time in fact.

*Blogger decided it wanted to make my pictures extremely blurry. I dealt with them. I posted with or without (U2) quality pictures.


Crystal said...

Drink lots of clear fluid and sleep. Brad, I mean...well, you could too I guess - for moral support.

Brad said...

you're sneaky.... i take pics when you aren't looking too:)