Thursday, August 27, 2009


I'm sick of keeping all these secrets.

I'm a BYU operator. And I don't care who knows it.

Whoa. That was a huge secret that I was supposed to never announce. I just did it. There its out.

Call us.

We know everything there is to know about BYU.


And we are giving out magnets in the wilk.

I love it.
Nobody knows about us.

Now we are going public baby.

Oh baby baby.


Also, I love sushi.

Also, I don't like Obama.

There I said it.

Flat out said it.

I have my reasons.

Hate me because of it.

But I'm educated as well.

I'm not just a join the Mormon crowd type.

Because I like french kissing before marriage. (with Mr. Guitar)

And some Mormons don't.

So there another secret is out.

This may cause problems.

An outrage.

A huge secret I've been holding in forever....
one time I drank pop from one of those pop machines oh fountain machines.

Like you know put my mouth under it and sucked on the part where it comes out. I pulled the lever. I was there forever. Sucking all these pops my mom wouldn't let me drink.

Pops like Mountain Dew.

Pops like Pepsi.

Pops like Dr. Pepper.

Pops like Coke.

Dr. Pepper was the best.

Still is the best.

Every once in awhile when I am feeling evil I buy a Dr. Pepper.

I don't tell anyone.

Cuz I'm the example right?? Right??


Those poor people who bought fountain drinks at the carnival that night.

They got my saliva.

Actually I didn't try the ones I actually was allowed to drink....the root beer and sprite.

Also, my mom threw away Aladdin cuz Jazzy had too much cleavage.

Don't worry my mom has softened up....she lets the four year olds watch spiderman.

So....things have changed...

But still, we don't have 'sugar cereal'

That's out of the question.

Also, another secret...

I call my Lady Comp, my gameboy.

Actually Brad calls it that.

It stuck.

It wakes me up at 8, then i stick the pointing blue thing in my mouth and usually go back to sleep.

Whoa I'm pouring out the secrets today.

Also, I bought True Religions.


Bad Secret.

Expensive Secret.

Well I had a gift I just used it, and paid a little more....
That's okay right?


Natalie's mom called it the 'Brides treat'

No Natalies mom, you are a treat.

Ohhhh ya thats right.

Natalie is my friend.

We went to Costa today.

I had a piece of rice on my boob. She told me.

It stained my white shirt.

Louise (my boss) then got out her Tide pen. She Tided it. Its now a bigger stain.

Hopefully it will come out.

School starts on Monday.


One professor keeps emailing me things to do.

She sent me the same email twice. "Oh just in case you didn't get the first one"


I did get the first one.
I'm also addicted to the enter button.
Write a sentence.
Then enter a few times.
(Bam represents enter)
Anyway, Natalie's parents are here.

Really, they are going to be my best friends in heaven. Not here, cuz they live in Seattle.

Oh another secret.

Natalie is a secret operator too.


And my old boss, Crystal....
She's pregnant and didn't know it.

Well, its a long story. A great story though.

That's why I am providing a secret link to her blog post about it.

So you can read it.

But if you are Crystal, you probably don't want that link, cuz you are already informed, cuz you wrote it.

Bam, enter.

There. Click there.

Also, Brad's stepdad, who is also named Brad, but Brad calls him Barney to the public. He lives by a man who is a mechanic. They fixed my brakes. Gave me new ones. Also they put new tires on my car.

They considered it a fun project.

I considered it an act of an angel.

Or two angels.

Which reminded me of this talk that I read while Brad watched the office.

Ha, I totally just portrayed myself as the spiritual good one, but really.....Brad is a sure walking religious perfect man.

So Crystal's blog, about all the people helping her and her husband, reminded me of this talk by Elder Holland.

It gives me comfort on a stormy day.


Also, Berkeley told me she doesn't read posts unless there is a picture.

So the picture I have chosen.

Is this.

Oh before I show you.

Another secret.

Berkeley is another operator.


Here it is.

Photo of the day.

This was at the Oakley Idaho 24th of July Parade.

I snapped it secretly.

It was 2008.

Fun secret fact.

Elder Haight is from Oakley.

We are rivals with Oakley Idaho.

I am going to dinner tonight with Brad's family.

Minus his brother who is married and lives in Lubbock.

We are going to Los Hermanos.

Sally lives here now.

Its official.

Her roommate stole her room.

So now she has a box room.

That's okay.

She runs track for them.

On schalarship.

Good thing I am not on schalaship.

I can't spell.

She will do well.
I know it.

Just so you know...

I love Brad. He is a good husband.

That's no secret though.

He puts up with a lot of me.

And only a select few know those things he puts up with.

But that's why he is my angel.

Walking angel.

He seems quiet and go easy, but deep down he is hiding everything.

Hiding his angel side.

It only comes out when nobody can identify him.

Like when I'm a sobbing mess.

Or when I'm a crazy faced turtle head.


They are everywhere.

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Crystal said...

Ha ha ha, I laughed through this whole post too.
BAM! You're like unto a blogging Emmeril Lagase - I won't pretend I know how to spell his name.

I hate obama too.