Wednesday, October 7, 2009


102 reasons why I love Brad.

just kidding.

That would bore all of you to death.

More like.

We have been married for 102 days.

I asked Brad why he loved me yesterday, he said, "because you made soup and cookies."
Then he laughed as I poked at him and said, "NO" It can't have anything to do with food!
(That's a house rule. No saying you love me because I make you food.)

Then he said, "because you take care of me."

Fine, that will pass Mr. Brad.

But really, I look at how much we have grown since we got married.

A lot.

102 days a lot and three inches.

I also felt so down today because I'm so scared of teaching.

Scared that I will bore my little chicks.

Scared that I won't know how to teach that one kid who doesn't get it.

Scared that I will just be flat out horrible.

And he sat me down and listed all these reasons why I was a good teacher. He told me all these examples of how he knew.

That's why I love him.

At least I know I will have enough jewelry to entertain my own two year old child.

For now I can please 2 year old sibling Faith...

And yes, thats my ghetto kitchen.

And yes, thats my mom cooking for us :)

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Natalie Jane said...

you're going to be the best teacher god ever made. :)