Tuesday, October 27, 2009


As time rolls on by, I keep getting these weird bugs. They last like 10 hours. Today it was a weird flu. I told Brad it was the Swine. He offered me anything I wanted.

Hot tamales.

That's it.

And after I ate half the box. . .
My tongue felt burnt. But I was happy.
I was thinking today how come I don't have more close friends.

I decided it is because of all my sisters.

I think I have said that before.

My sisters have my heart. I have no room for any other girls.

Jk all of you that consider yourself my girly friend.

I really forgot the point of this post.

Oh ya.

Brad and I have all these great plans for Halloween.

Carve Pumpkins, go to Halloween parties, make scary ghost rice krispy treats with the marshmellows of orange and white he made me buy months ago, and go to a haunted house.

Well we haven't done any, and sadly I don't really have time to do any of them.

He does the dishes, while I do homework.

I did my first 'observed' lesson plan today.

It went well, I thought.

Still have a lot to learn and work on.

We know what we want to be for Halloween, of course its secret.

But we haven't finalized our costumes yet.

Just know my hair is going to be green.

And Brad never stops texting me Chuck Norris jokes. Thanks Jeff and Travis.

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Crystal said...

I have lots of the same plans for Halloween that I am determined to squish into the next 3 days...wish me luck.