Monday, October 12, 2009

Her worst nightmare.

We went on this double date with Landon and his 'friend'. It was their first date ever, and I decided about half way through, that it was her worst date ever.


I planned the trip, fitting to my needs.

I wanted to go to Park City Outlets, because I wanted a new watch at fossil outlet.

Due to me getting placed into a classroom this be a baby student teacher, and I need to see the time regularly, and I cant be checkin my cellular device in a room full of cell phone hungry babies.

Yes, I got placed in a classroom.

Third grade to be exact.

Which I'm happy with, because I am carpooling with my the same school. It is in Lehi. Alpine school district. Maybe I'll student teach in Nebo??? Ya I will, maybe I will get a nice school where the teacher likes her student teacher, and the little baby students don't spit spit wods at me.

Like Brad did to his student teacher.

Or maybe they won't yell "BORING"
at me...

like Brad did to his student teachers.

Great. I'm in for a treat.

We always tease that because Brad was a bully and difficult child, he will know how to deal with my students who are difficult and he will offer me good advice, and also...he will know how to handle our bully and difficult children who are exact replicas of him.

Back to her worst nightmare.
The date.

Well I planned the fit my needs.

And we fulfilled those needs, and walked away with a watch, which I wondered if I wreally need it. :) (alliteration)

And it was their first date, and me and Brad's cagillionth.

And we are married.

First date with a married couple, BAD IDEA, they talk about gross stuff comfortably, while the date and the datee are in shock because it is their first date...

First date with Brittany, who is abnormally blunt, and talks too much.

So...for her, I teased throughout the date that it was a date she was going to call all her friends about, and say that it was a disaster.

Wait. As if that wasn't enough, Landon forgot his wallet.

Landon is my brother, and he is taking this girl on the first date, and Brad has to pay for everyone, for everything.

Great first impression Landon, you know she is gonna come back runnin to ya after this one.

And....Landon was always running around being awkward.

So, that's another great reason why the date was a disaster.

Oh and also, I kept taking pictures of them.

But, we did eat at Dairy Keen.... in Heber. And that was perfect. Well, at least for me.

Brad slipped Landon a twenty before we went in, just so it wasn't awkward at the ordering station.

Nice Brad.

Brad is nice.

After that, we went to a movie. G-Force.

In which turned out relatively well....I laughed a few times.

Brad thought the whitey tightey part was funny....

I thought, "I look like Paris Hilton's chihuahua" was funny...

So for Brad and I it was a perfect married date.

Tune in next time for 'How to Ruin a Date Successfully'

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