Friday, October 2, 2009

Brittany...wants her husband back.

That is what my facebook status would say.

But facebook isn't personal.

And my blog kinda is.

More than facebook right?

Welcome to October, PS.

And sorry you have to look at wedding pictures.
But, I can't let them die.
I love them too much, I love that day too much, I love him too much.

Brad is really sick.

And I am at the point where these items:
Vitamin C
Sinus Pills
Snack Pack Puddings of all flavors
honey lemon sucking thingys
and honey mixed with lemon water put in the microwave
are worthless.

He is still so sick.

His sore throat makes him not be able to eat nor drink anything but his first bite, then he is done, because it hurts so bad.

I just want him back.

I want him to talk to me again, instead of staring at the wall.

I want him to be able to walk up a hill again.

I want him to want to go in with me when we go to the grocery store.

I want him to not make me cry when he tells me how bad it hurts.

Gosh, that last line...that was way too personal.

But I just feel like I want to take half of his sore throat. Then it wont hurt him as much.

I don't know if that is normal.

I wish we had a bath tub.


Crystal said...

Has he been to the dr? Sounds kind of serious.

Brittany said...

Ya he has been...they said it was a virus. Virus that I don't want.

Natalie Jane said...

Get the cough drops: Cepacol, if you haven't yet. They numb your throat so you can at least swallow your own spit. When I had open wounds on my tonsils, they are the only thing that would help. Hopefully they can ease some of the pain.